One of the best ways to discover a new country is by bike. But travelling abroad with a bike, particularly to go cycle touring, is not always so easy, fraught with the complications of airline regulations & the need to protect your bike while travelling. There are plenty of great bike boxes on the market, but none of them can be carried with you on the bike. So what do you do with it while you're touring?

We want to simplify overseas cycle travel and touring: so we've designed a bike box, which is both protective of your bike while flying, but can be easily carried with you on the bike too. Here's the concept...

The case is inflatable, designed with a membrane structure that gives it the rock hard rigidity of a solid case.

On arrival, the bike is removed, the case deflated and then rolled up around a dry bag containing your kit, to form a bikepacking saddle bag — allowing you to carry the case on the bike with you while touring.

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